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Packing Continues Apace, Or Should, At Any Rate:

In which Our Heroine is confronted with Possessions of an Order Of Magnitude Most Terrible, is distracted from her tasks by Japanese Television Broadcasts and the Marvels contained Therein, and is forced by a Too-Small Suitcase to make a Terrible Decision regarding the Aforementioned Possessions.

In summary: D:

The jury system is being implemented over here, and today is the first case using it, which means the NHK 9'o'clock news guy was in shirtsleeves and covering it with a fervor usually only seen in US election night broadcasts. Except, they banned video cameras in the courtroom or something, so the coverage consisted of him getting papers handed to him every thirty seconds and then going, "I've just received word that the head jurors have ENTERED THE COURTROOM, repeat THEY HAVE ENTERED THE COURTROOM, and will be taking their seats shortly." *paper* "And now it seems that the citizen jurors are beginning to enter." *goes over to a SCALE MODEL OF THE COURTROOM WITH LITTLE WOODEN PEOPLE FIGURES; another correspondent with an earpiece is there* "What's the situation?"

"Well, the citizen jurors are entering now... The first juror is a woman! She has taken her seat." *puts a pink wooden person figure into the tiny scale jurors bench* "And..." *hand to earpiece* "The second juror is also a woman!" *pink wooden person figure in the next seat* *continues until the sixth and last citizen juror enters, who, in a shock twist, turns out to be a man and thus requires a blue wooden person figure in the scale juror seat*


*the eight o'clock news starts on a different channel* "And today saw the start of the citizen juror system with the opening of the first trial at 1 pm. The citizen jurors for this case are five women and one man."

Definitely the best trial I not only didn't watch but only saw the initial preparations of, as relayed by TINY WOODEN PEOPLE FIGURES.*

*ie, the Best Damn Trial Ever

Date: 2009-08-04 04:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] phantasmagoriak.livejournal.com
Haha! Awesome. I would have greatly enjoyed seeing that.


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