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2010-05-14 02:05 am

i hate job hunts

So unless something drastic happens, I figure I can do one of two things:

On the one hand: get full-time menial labor job, go back to school, get associate's and/or bachelor's in accounting.
PROS: can probably skip many redundant classes from last degree -> less semesters, can probably live at home, working = $$$, likely to find related work kind-of-soonish, first degree a plus in accounting jobs.
CONS: Still at home. Are there menial labor jobs available. Two more years of school. Cannot really exercise skills from first degree. Do I really like maths that much (this is unknown).
COSTS: Tuition = at least $6000 over two years (more if go for bachelor's), $??? for books.

On the other: take intensive TEFL course this summer for 5 weeks, get certified, get almost guaranteed teaching job in Japan.
PROS: time to build up savings beforehand, actually related to degree, TEFL certification may come in handy, if hired = actual job with big person money for 1 year+, can go back to Japan.
CONS: Expensive, oh-my-god-so-expensive. Not 100% guaranteed job. If job, not starting until March. Moving to another continent, again. Would I actually be able to teach (this is unknown).
COSTS: $2000 for TEFL course, $900-$2000 for ticket, $3500++ for apartment deposit/key money/fees, $??? for food/furniture before first paycheck.

Dad is pulling for Option #2; Mom hasn't offered an opinion; and I didn't expect to get this far with Option #2 and had resigned myself to/psyched myself into being happy for Option #1, so I am not sure whether I am genuinely excited for Option #2 anymore. >:|

I want to shut off the real world and live on the internet for the next decade or two.
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2010-03-15 11:23 pm




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2009-12-15 01:01 am


Re: the latest development in the Team Fortress 2 WAR! Update:

Ohhhhhhhhhhh hell. :D
/makes popcorn, sits back and waits for the forums to explode

Also: Tavish? Tavish Degroot? o_0)
And oh my Miss Pauling but aren't you shaping up to be a magnificent bastard. :DD
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2009-11-20 12:20 pm


My Local Newscaster just used the word "Twihard" on air in reference to the "New Moon" premiere.

...that sound you heard five minutes ago was my offline and online worlds colliding, shattering, and twisting around the new center of gravity in a morbid dance of physics.
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2009-11-10 11:43 am


So the sound quality is a bit uneven in places, but please note that this is basically the living embodiment of every wet dream I ever had in high school involving marching band. (There, uh, were a lot of them. /band geek forever)

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2009-11-09 12:59 am
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2009-11-09 12:26 am


It's like Schrödinger's cat, only simultaneously infinity times more metal AND infinity times more pathetic.


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2009-11-04 05:59 pm


Hideo Kojima to judge Twilight fanart contest; wank ensues.

Or as someone in the comments section put it,


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2009-11-02 12:59 am

this probably does not mean what you think it means




D: D: D:
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2009-08-03 08:40 pm



Packing Continues Apace, Or Should, At Any Rate:

In which Our Heroine is confronted with Possessions of an Order Of Magnitude Most Terrible, is distracted from her tasks by Japanese Television Broadcasts and the Marvels contained Therein, and is forced by a Too-Small Suitcase to make a Terrible Decision regarding the Aforementioned Possessions.

In summary: D:

The jury system is being implemented over here, and today is the first case using it, which means the NHK 9'o'clock news guy was in shirtsleeves and covering it with a fervor usually only seen in US election night broadcasts. Except, they banned video cameras in the courtroom or something, so the coverage consisted of him getting papers handed to him every thirty seconds and then going, "I've just received word that the head jurors have ENTERED THE COURTROOM, repeat THEY HAVE ENTERED THE COURTROOM, and will be taking their seats shortly." *paper* "And now it seems that the citizen jurors are beginning to enter." *goes over to a SCALE MODEL OF THE COURTROOM WITH LITTLE WOODEN PEOPLE FIGURES; another correspondent with an earpiece is there* "What's the situation?"

"Well, the citizen jurors are entering now... The first juror is a woman! She has taken her seat." *puts a pink wooden person figure into the tiny scale jurors bench* "And..." *hand to earpiece* "The second juror is also a woman!" *pink wooden person figure in the next seat* *continues until the sixth and last citizen juror enters, who, in a shock twist, turns out to be a man and thus requires a blue wooden person figure in the scale juror seat*


*the eight o'clock news starts on a different channel* "And today saw the start of the citizen juror system with the opening of the first trial at 1 pm. The citizen jurors for this case are five women and one man."

Definitely the best trial I not only didn't watch but only saw the initial preparations of, as relayed by TINY WOODEN PEOPLE FIGURES.*

*ie, the Best Damn Trial Ever
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2009-07-05 10:30 am

Pro tip:

Sneezing becomes exponentially more disgusting as the doughnut currently being chewed in one's mouth approaches 100% liquification.

(Also liquification is apparently not a word? I am using it in protest of the principles of the English language, as solidify -> solidification (both apparently words), and liquify is a real word according to Dictionary.com (if an alternate spelling), and also Thesaurus.com thinks liquification is a word, so there. Also liquefaction looks stupid and does not have enough syllables for my tastes.)

(Also English needs to develop a parallel set of grammar/verbs to keigo, because I keep wanting to lapse into Victorian prose, or at least Victorian verbsets.)

(Granted, that is a problem in most areas of my life.)
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2009-06-22 01:34 am

i need sleeeeeeep

I believe someone on [livejournal.com profile] ontd_startrek said it best:

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2009-06-19 05:18 pm

a statement

I love kink bingo season.
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2009-06-19 09:31 am

unintentionally hilarious lines from news articles without context theater

'"We've already had many instances of young men squeezing themselves into shorts which are clearly several sizes too small for them, just to create the maximum 'Cristiano effect'," Baldwin said.'
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2009-06-15 05:40 pm

(no subject)

Wait, since when was Eyeshield 21 ending? Not that I was reading it, but... o_0

I need a pixiv account. For... things. >_> <_<
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2009-06-13 03:32 pm


There an approxiamtely 9001% chance (the extra one percent is so it is OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND) that I have just enjoyed a refreshing beer. Take THAT, Yahoo!Keitai weather forecast!

Also, a gif of Bret Michaels getting hit in the face with a set piece at the Tonys. I CAN'T STOP WATCHING.
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2009-04-19 11:35 pm

WTH, humanity, stop exceeding my expectations

Some days I hate life. And then I do a youtube crawl and find somebody on the Internet has made this love song to the JR East railway system. Oh internet. <3

(There are line-specific remixes in the related videos. The Chuo Line one is my favorite.)

(Also have a cat.)
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2009-04-18 03:20 am


SO have had a ridiculous spring break the first week of which I was confined to my room with wracking chest spasms but then I got better and went outside to dolphin shows and then my dad came and we went places but especially Kyoto and Osaka and I ate like three and a half okonomiyaki in a day and we fought and made up and then he left and we cried in Narita and then the cherry blossoms bloomed and I went to hanami once with everybody and drink and the second time just Lauren and the second time I thought was much nicer and I bought about eight metric tons of doujinshi that will probably get me questioned at the airport coming home and I haven't sold any of it yet and school started and Japanese might not quite eat my soul this semester and I learned that the orientation classes really need to warn you about the fucking massive crows here instead of talking for thirty minutes on culture shock and a little before school started I had a birthday during which I saw the spinoff movie of Aibou and it was amazing and I bought fifty dollars worth of merchandise and then it was Easter and I ate candy but not as much as I thought I would and we saw Red Cliff part II and the hats were amazing and there were ten thousand percent more explosions and Tsutaya was having half-price rentals so I rented like eleven discs of Aibou and have watched all but two in a week and I spontaneously developed a foot fetish when Ukyou-san took his shoes off and the show is better than everything ever except maybe kittens riding sparkly rainbow unicorns and I am really tired right now.

Which is to say: I am amused by the thought of Itami & Co. purposely coming to the office when no one is there and helping themselves to the coffee and later Kaoru-chan wonders why the pot is always empty except for all these gritty bits in next to no liquid at the bottom and should he change filter brands and possibly set up a surveillance system? And Ukyou-san smiles enigmatically over his kocha.
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2009-03-08 10:39 pm


I need to start updating more often, if only so I can have some sort of daily record when I get done with this school year. -_-;

So of course, I will start with inanity, namely: I don't know if it is just not actually being in the US or what, but I still haven't quite grasped that Obama is president. Case in point: I read a Yahoo headline about how to get "sculpted arms like the first lady's", immediately thought, wow, the standards for 'sculpted' sure have fallen, no offense Laur- ...OH WAIT.

The times, I am behind them. -_-;;;
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2009-01-25 06:54 pm

also, it was a gorgeous day