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So unless something drastic happens, I figure I can do one of two things:

On the one hand: get full-time menial labor job, go back to school, get associate's and/or bachelor's in accounting.
PROS: can probably skip many redundant classes from last degree -> less semesters, can probably live at home, working = $$$, likely to find related work kind-of-soonish, first degree a plus in accounting jobs.
CONS: Still at home. Are there menial labor jobs available. Two more years of school. Cannot really exercise skills from first degree. Do I really like maths that much (this is unknown).
COSTS: Tuition = at least $6000 over two years (more if go for bachelor's), $??? for books.

On the other: take intensive TEFL course this summer for 5 weeks, get certified, get almost guaranteed teaching job in Japan.
PROS: time to build up savings beforehand, actually related to degree, TEFL certification may come in handy, if hired = actual job with big person money for 1 year+, can go back to Japan.
CONS: Expensive, oh-my-god-so-expensive. Not 100% guaranteed job. If job, not starting until March. Moving to another continent, again. Would I actually be able to teach (this is unknown).
COSTS: $2000 for TEFL course, $900-$2000 for ticket, $3500++ for apartment deposit/key money/fees, $??? for food/furniture before first paycheck.

Dad is pulling for Option #2; Mom hasn't offered an opinion; and I didn't expect to get this far with Option #2 and had resigned myself to/psyched myself into being happy for Option #1, so I am not sure whether I am genuinely excited for Option #2 anymore. >:|

I want to shut off the real world and live on the internet for the next decade or two.


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