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Jun. 29th, 2005 12:04 am
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By limitedbythesky

Spastic Womb-Bats Stats

Formed: 29th June 2005
Split: 16th September 2013
Best Album: 'Lintols Do Fidos' 7/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Moused Pestling Acerated Brills Alienate Cavilers' 9/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 13th October 2010.)
Records Sold: 2,658,418 in total (1,162,836 albums, 1,495,582 singles).
Reputation: NME band
Groupies: scuttlebutt_inc reportedly beat banana_flower to within an inch of their life after the Spastic Womb-Bats keyboardist refused to fuck them. tantric_muse and care_bear2005 were more than happy to compensate for any ill feelingS.
OtherIn a press release Spastic Womb-Bats manager chalk_of_doom responded to recent
criticism over the band's song 'Torsades' by calling the general public a bunch of tone deaf cunts.

Spastic Womb-Bats Member Profiles


If dimsun had taken their role as lead singer a little more seriously they could have developed into one of the best musician's in the industry.


Without ever being the focal point of Spastic Womb-Bats's sound, tantric_muse's intricate stylings add depth to the bands music.

Aggressive, passionate and erratic. Three words which sum up care_bear2005 as a whole.

chalk_of_doom is a solid live performer but fails to add anything too significant to the bands dynamics.

Whereas tantric_muse and care_bear2005 are hardskinned party animals who like nothing more than to get drunk and fuck, banana_flower prefers to spend their time composing melodies and working with chord progressions.

Single Releases

# Title Date
25 Probate Bewray Liftable Sep 2005
23 Genoas Phantom Emyd Offices Myalgia Bostons Oct 2005
19 Jabirus Iodises Loculate Dec 2005
14 Claypans Evenest Zooids Mar 2006
1 Daglocks Superman Mar 2007
4 Holm Allees Whittler May 2007
5 Culvert Ears Caribous Hooved Bulk Lapsing Jun 2007
8 Obovoid Druses Amputate Upboils Aug 2007
21 Torsades Feb 2009
28 Gavelled Wherve May 2009
24 Mahjongs Squeals Aug 2009
13 Moused Pestling Acerated Brills Alienate Cavilers Oct 2010
2 Placebo Dec 2010
1 Eisweins Neatens Matelot Canal Queening Mar 2011
2 Nongays Glib Charpoy Mislies Crimpier Camomile Mar 2012
1 Zoom Empowers Finds Oxysalts Cyclic May 2012
1 Hooked Palls Laggers Fleury Vamp Jul 2012

Album Releases

# Title Date
30 Flares Allures Niggers Gamps Dex Jun 2005
12 Reaccent Promine Mouches Unrobes Motiles Jan 2007
17 Amidases Trovers Gaining Teleview Torus Dec 2008
21 Lintols Do Fidos Sep 2010
2 Amenders Goban Cower Jan 2012

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