Apr. 18th, 2009


Apr. 18th, 2009 03:20 am
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SO have had a ridiculous spring break the first week of which I was confined to my room with wracking chest spasms but then I got better and went outside to dolphin shows and then my dad came and we went places but especially Kyoto and Osaka and I ate like three and a half okonomiyaki in a day and we fought and made up and then he left and we cried in Narita and then the cherry blossoms bloomed and I went to hanami once with everybody and drink and the second time just Lauren and the second time I thought was much nicer and I bought about eight metric tons of doujinshi that will probably get me questioned at the airport coming home and I haven't sold any of it yet and school started and Japanese might not quite eat my soul this semester and I learned that the orientation classes really need to warn you about the fucking massive crows here instead of talking for thirty minutes on culture shock and a little before school started I had a birthday during which I saw the spinoff movie of Aibou and it was amazing and I bought fifty dollars worth of merchandise and then it was Easter and I ate candy but not as much as I thought I would and we saw Red Cliff part II and the hats were amazing and there were ten thousand percent more explosions and Tsutaya was having half-price rentals so I rented like eleven discs of Aibou and have watched all but two in a week and I spontaneously developed a foot fetish when Ukyou-san took his shoes off and the show is better than everything ever except maybe kittens riding sparkly rainbow unicorns and I am really tired right now.

Which is to say: I am amused by the thought of Itami & Co. purposely coming to the office when no one is there and helping themselves to the coffee and later Kaoru-chan wonders why the pot is always empty except for all these gritty bits in next to no liquid at the bottom and should he change filter brands and possibly set up a surveillance system? And Ukyou-san smiles enigmatically over his kocha.


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